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Here is a high-level look at PlaySight's core features:

Speed: See the speed of every shot, in real time or post-session

Automated Line Calling: See (and hear) whether the ball was in or out in real time or post-session  

Replay: See a video replay of the last point, to see for yourself, in slow- motion, whether the ball was in or out.

Distance Covered: Track the yardage you covered during your session

Calories Burned: Track the calories you burned during your session

Instant video with auto tagging

: Get an instant analyzed and auto-tagged video recording of every stroke and shot. Stats and video are emailed to players after the match or training session.  



: Automatically tracks your percentage of accuracy for every stoke  


Replay from different angles: Watch, replay, edit and share videos during or after the workout. Skip to selected key events - no need to watch the whole video


Advanced Filter- Quickly filter for the exact stroke you want to see, whether it be backhand crosscourt winners, forehand lob errors, or first serves in the net. Watch all the events that you defined in the filter, which play automatically, two seconds before and two seconds after each shot for context


Pro level statistics

Get automatic pro level stats available until now only for professional tennis players. See height over the net, average stroke and serve speed, fastest stroke and serve speed, serve in Body/T/Wide percentages, accuracy benchmarks, and much more! Track and compare your accumulated stats on over time to yourself or other players in your age group, location, or club  


Spin: See the revolutions per minute of every shot when debriefing a session


Tactical 3d Game Management

See rallies, drills, and points in 3D in order to learn and understand your game patterns and tactics. Improve your game management and decision making by analyzing big points, net approaches, or learning to anticipate your opponent's next move  



3d "Shotspot": See the ball placement of any strokes within the advanced filter. For example, see the placement of all first serves out wide, or all forehands cross court. Use the zoom feature to get a closer look at where the balls bounced

Record Debrief: Record your coach or yourself debriefing after a session. Record the feedback occurring on the kiosk, as well as the voice, and access the recorded debriefing in your online account after the session.


Here are some of the benefits of installing PlaySight:

  • Recruiting advantage for new players and new members

  • Advanced coaching solution

  • Self-analysis for personal enjoyment or for the competitive athlete

  • Video stored on the cloud for access from any location

  • Live streaming with real-time stats


Here are a few short videos that I uploaded that demonstrate PlaySight capabilities and "real life" coaching sessions...


Word from the Pro:
iPlaymate is now here at Amelia National Tennis Club.  This is a ball machine is like you have never seen before!  How does it work?  You can connect your iPhone, iPod, or iPad to the ball machine with Bluetooth and that device will work as your remote.  This machine can be pre-set for various shots at three different levels, you choose your skill, your shot, and direction and you are ready to play!  You can save and share your drills as well.  One more exciting program on the machine is called FBT60(Fit by Tennis in 60 Days), which is a tennis/fitness program with drill videos in the APP.  To get started , its as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1.  Go to to download and open app  Tap on “Sign Up”. Fill out the form and tap “Register”.  Check your email and tap on “Complete Registration”.

  2. Go back to the Like My Drill app.  Sign in with your email address for username and the password you entered on the form in Step #1.

  3. Turn ON the Ball Machine.  On your device, go to Settings and turn ON Bluetooth.  Tap on “Ball Machine” in Devices to connect.  Go back to Like My Drill, tap the (+) to add a drill.