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Frequently Asked Questions




Amelia National Tennis Club Most Asked Questions

How Do I create a member profile?

The online reservation system will provide members the opportunity to book courts, lessons, clinics and social events. To be able to use this system members must first create their profile.

1) Use the following link:   
2) In the top right corner click on Login/Register
3) Once the page has dropped down select Register 
4) Fill out the necessary information (denoted by red text) and click submit. 
5) Agree to the terms and use policy on the next page
6) Fill out all the required fields on each of the pages and then submit all of the information 

The Amelia National Staff will be notified of your pending membership, once we receive this notification we will then approve your status as a member and from there you will be granted access to the online reservation system.


How do I book court times and lessons?

Login in the top right corner at this website:  

  1. Select Court Scheduler

  2. On the right hand side pick the date on the Calendar you wish to book. 

  3. Click on the time you would like to begin the reservation ( If booking a lesson it will say the pro's name and lesson available) 

  4. Select Singles or Doubles and the Duration of the Reservation 

  5. Submit the reservation 

Once the reservation has been submitted if you go back to the Court Scheduler you will see your name, the court and the time for which has been reserved


How to delete a Court reservation

Login in the top right corner at this website:   

  1. Select the Court Scheduler

  2. Find your reservation on the calendar

  3. Select your reservation

  4. Click Delete

If you wish to delete/cancel a clinic please contact a staff member of the Amelia National Tennis by phone or by email as soon as possible.  

How to enroll for clinics and socials. 

Login in the top right corner at this website:  

  1. Select the Calendar Tab find the date and the event for which you would like to enroll 

  2. On the left hand side click "enroll" 

  3. Submit the reservation by filling out the necessary information    (Denoted by a red text) 

  4. Come to the Amelia National Tennis Club and Have FUN!


Having Trouble Logging In

Issues surrounding logging in generally start with the user name. Please remember when you set up your player profile that you are choosing the user name and password you wish to have. Your email will be needed so you can receive confirmation notices and the profile you set up is needed to verify your identity as a member of the Amelia National Tennis Club. If the information in the profile is not saved or updated the result is you not being able to access the website. There are times that there is another issue which we must address that does not involve the login credentials. We try to catch these issues as quickly as possible, however if you have any issues logging in or setting up an account the best way to address this is to get in touch with Kevin O’Brien by phone 904-451-7284 or by email  as quickly as possible.